Bankwood School - Being the best we can be - Kia taea tatou ake tino painga


"Being the Best We Can Be"

Vision Statements

We want Bankwood to be a school :

  • with a heart
  • where children flourish and grow
  • where everyone is passionate about learning
  • where we work in partnership to enhance the learning process
  • that has a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment, which promotes learning for all

At the end of their Bankwood journey, our children will:

  • have mana, confidence and a positive self image
  • be able to communicate effectively
  • have an enthusiasm for learning
  • strive to be the best they can be in all areas
  • be equiped with the appropriate skills for future learning
  • be able to participate and contribute effectively in society

Values statement

At Bankwood School we will value:

  • relationships
  • individuality
  • respect
  • responsibilty
  • creativity
  • curiosity
  • personal best
  • cultural diversity
  • partnership
  • honesty
  • fairness
  • reflection

Beliefs that underpin teaching and learning

We believe that:

  • children should enjoy learning
  • all children can learn
  • all children will be given opportunities to experience success
  • children will achieve in literacy and numeracy
  • children learn best when they know what they are learning and when they have achieved it
  • children can take responsibility for their own learning steps

Within the learning community we will:

  • create environments where each child has a chance to shine
  • provide quality learning experiences
  • celebrate individuality
  • ensure that learning is fun
  • develop positive relationships with the children in our care
  • set realistic but high expectations for all learners
  • maintain a safe and secure environment
  • be partners in the learning process
  • constantly reflect on the goals and expectations for learners
  • provide challenges and support so that learners can be creative, innovative and resilient.