Bankwood School - Being the best we can be - Kia taea tatou ake tino painga



The objective of this plan is to ensure that Bankwood School takes all practical steps to protect staff and students from a pandemic outbreak. 

Liaison for Te Pae Here Ako will be the Lead Principal

The Pandemic Manager will:

  • be the Principal (or her nominated representative in her absence)

  • be responsible for delegating tasks to other staff as needed

  • ensure that contact details for staff and students is kept current.

  • keep a variety of communication channels open with staff, board, parents and MOE 

KEEP IT OUT (Border Management)

The list of contact numbers for parents/caregivers of each pupil will be checked and made available at the school office and on ETAP.

Information sheets will be given to staff with up dates.

Teachers will teach, encourage, remind children about hand washing, coughing and sneezing into elbows and the importance of NOT spitting . 

Check out and Nano Girl.

Extra cleaning in high touch areas to be implemented by cleaner, caretaker and office staff (sickbay).

All classrooms will have spray bottles available for incidental cleaning of high touch areas. 

All classes and offices to have hand sanitiser available for use. 

Full school and team assemblies will stop.

The hall, rather than a classroom, will be used if more space for spreading out is needed 

The use of high fives, handshakes and hugs will be avoided.

Staff are to at stay home if sick.

Children will be sent home if unwell.

Sickbay will sanitised on a daily (sometimes more) basis.

Gloves will be worn in sick bay when dealing with symptomatic children.

The sickbay supplies will be kept at more than sufficient levels. 


Parents will be kept up to date with current information.

MANAGE IT (School Closure)

In the event of an active pandemic in the local area, the school will be directed by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to:

  • remain open, 

  • to close 

  • to re-open

If the school is directed to close, the emergency response will be activated and the community will be advised via school website, local media, class dojo, and MOE website. Notices will also be placed at the entrances to school.

A phone message at reception will also advise callers of the closure and where to go to get updated information. 

If a directed school closure occurs before the normal 3pm finish, no student will be sent home until:

  • parents have been contacted and advised of the situation

  • parents have arrived at the school to collect child 

No pupils shall be left to find their own way home or return home if it’s not known whether parents/guardians are available.

Children will only be able to walk/bike home alone if permission is granted by parent.

Teachers are to keep a CLEAR roll, marking each child off as they are collected or released to walk home (with permission).

MANAGE IT (Communication Plan)

  • The updated list of contact numbers for parents/caregivers of each pupil will be available at the school office and on ETAP

  • Information sheets will be given to staff with updates

  • The school will provide clear and timely communication to the Board of Trustees, the staff, the students and their parents/caregivers

  • Multiple forms of communications will be employed. These include but are not limited to: local media, school website, ministry of education website, email, notices at all entrances to the school, phone and class dojo

  • The school will maintain regular communications with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and with local authorities. The school will follow the advice given by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education at every stage of the pandemic

  • In the event the school is closed for an extended period of time, the Principal in consultation with the Board of Trustees and the school Leadership Team will develop some ongoing learning activities for students. These will be delivered via email, class dojo, website applications where possible, or letterbox drop

MANAGE IT – (Recovery)

    When notification is given that the school can re -open, the following will occur:

  • Through media sources, school website, telephone, email, class dojo, all parents/caregivers will be notified the date school will re-open.

  • Signs will be place at both entrances

  • As necessary, trauma/grief counselling will be provided – contact MOE 

  • The Principal will undertake a debrief with full staff and the B0T

  • School will continue to be guided by the MOE as to pandemic status and the expectations around social distancing

  • Hand washing and sneeze/cough catching will continue to be encouraged

  • High touch areas will still be a cleaning priority


    Additional resources and templates are available on the following websites: